Who We Are

Animal and Wildlife removal company
Offering Service in the St.Petersburg, Tampa, Hillsborough, and Sarasota area.

At Animal Eviction Services, we strive to provide our customers with a stress free and informative experience while solving their nuisance animal and wildlife issues in the most efficient and humane way possible. Our customer’s satisfaction is our first priority. We ensure this by completing a very thorough inspection, customizing a plan for each individual situation, and following through until your wildlife issues are completely resolved. For us, this is not simply a business, it is our passion! Animal Eviction Services is a Christian owned business and the cornerstone of our company is integrity.

why people choose us

Safety First

It is vitally important to us to keep our customer's safe and when capturing these wild animals ensure that all employees are extracting the animals in a safe manor.


At our heart we are actually animal lovers. All capture animals are stored and then brought to remote locations in which the animals can live out their happy lives away from the bustling society that we live in.


Our experience allows us to deliver a service that would not otherwise be possible.