The nine banded armadillo is not considered a native species to Florida. These armor plated mammals can be quite a nuisance to people, pets and livestock. Since armadillos can dig multiple burrows over fifteen feet long each under homes, porches and driveways, they can create significant structural damage to your property. These burrowing larvae lovers also love to dig for their food at night. They will root through yards digging for grubs, earthworms and other insects. When rooting for their food, armadillos can do significant damage to your yard and flower beds in a short amount of time.

Other than destroying your yard, armadillos pose some health risks as well. Armadillos carry various types of bacteria and arboviruses which can put both you and your pets at risk. Although not common in Florida, armadillos can carry leprosy, which can be transmitted if contact is made. Armadillos in Florida have not been found to carry rabies at this point.

Armadillos are not easily trapped and can break out of standard traps that you may buy at your local hardware store, and since using poison is both illegal and ineffective, Armadillo trapping and prevention is best left to the professionals.

Animal Eviction Services will assess your armadillo situation and come up with a plan to humanely and efficiently trap the armadillo and prevent them from coming back.