Jason at Animal Eviction Services is the best. He was the only one able to effectively seal up our roof to keep rodents out. He fixes the problem so it lasts instead of just a temporary fix like most companies. We have not had a single rat since Jason trapped them and closed all of the entry points. A+

Lisa Ferguson

My yard was getting torn up by Armadillos. As cute as they are they had to go. I tried a few methods of getting rid of them, but nothing seemed to work. I finally called Animal Eviction Services and am so happy I did. They had my problem resolved within a week! When my mother needed help with a similar issue I suggested them to her as well.

Maria Zoltan

Every night I would hear squeaking coming from the attic. We thought we just had mice but it turned out we had bats. Animal Eviction Services came out the next day and was able to Remove them safely, and they closed up the holes and even cleaned out the entire attic. Thanks AES!

Tina White

When I found a rattlesnake under my house my first instinct was to try and capture it myself. My girlfriend Emiliya talked some sense into me and we decided to hire an expert, I am glad I did because this thing was out of control!

William Howley